Expanding our impact with The Cities Project

Expanding our impact with The Cities Project

Since Brighter Children started in 2013, we’ve focused on growing a community of supporters in New York City, and now we’re ready to reach people in other cities around the world. The goal is simple ­- involve local communities to sponsor the education of children. We’re calling this initiative The Cities Project and we’re excited to announce nine City Captains that are leading this project in their areas.

The Cities Project is Brighter Children’s first global campaign to raise awareness and funds for educating children in impoverished regions. From London to Rio de Janeiro, our local leaders are spreading the word to help end poverty.


Map of the The Cities Project


Our nine City Captains represent 5 countries:

  • London – Shalaka Laxman
  • Dubai – Sanchita Singh
  • Pune / Mumbai – Resham Chordia
  • Rio de Janeiro – Ian Kraskoff
  • San Francisco – Elsie Smith
  • Washington DC – Gloria Chou
  • Raleigh – Winston Bowden
  • Charlottesville – Alpha Kappa Psi
  • Lynchburg – Travis Shirkman


Spreading the word about Brighter Children in new cities is a big step, and we’re delighted that these leaders are investing their time and energy in childhood education.

William Reynolds
[email protected]