Six great children’s books recommended by Brighter Children

Six great children’s books recommended by Brighter Children

Children’s books are great teaching tools, illustrating ideas that might otherwise seem overwhelming. Here, we picked up six books for 4- to 10-year-olds to spark their interest in reading.

Charlotte's WebCharlotte’s Web
Eight-year-old girl Fern refrains her dad from killing a small pig. Fern names the piglet Wilbur and looks after him like a baby. Five weeks later, Fern’s dad insists that Wilbur should be sold and go to live in the Zuckerman barn down the road. Wilbur initially struggles at the barn because he misses Fern so much. But soon, he becomes friends with a few animals there, including a lady grey spider named Charlotte.

In order to protect Wilbur from being killed for Christmas dinner, Charlotte weaves different words like “SOME PIG,” “TERRIFIC” and “RADIANT” into her spiderweb. Those words make Wilbur a famous pig…

The Secret GardenThe Secret Garden
Mary Lennox is a 10-year-old girl who grew up in a wealthy British family in colonial India. She’s spoiled and selfish. Her parents’ sudden death leaves Mary in the care of her mother’s brother Archibald Craven.

Archibald brings Mary to his huge mansion Misselthwaite Manor in England. There, Mary discovers a walled garden that has been closed since Archibald’s wife died ten years ago. With the help of a boy named Dickon, Mary begins secretly working in the garden, bringing it back to life…

We the KidsWe the Kids
Three adorable children and a dog are on a camping adventure. Like the historical document that begins with “We the People of the United States,” readers are introduced to the three children and their pooch friend through a preamble. As the preamble goes on, so does the story: The children form a More Perfect Union by finding their camping site, promoting the General Welfare by telling stories around a campfire, as well as securing the blessings of Liberty by settling down for a good night’s sleep. All take place in the backyard under the watch of two parents.

Diary of a WormDiary of a Worm
A young worm describes his daily life: He lives with his parents, plays with his friends, and even goes to school. He burrows in the ground to help the earth breathe; and he watches out for the dangers around his friends and scares little girls. In his dream of becoming a secret service agent, the worm gets in trouble at school for eating his homework, as well as for telling his sister home that her face looks just like her rear end.

The worm doesn’t like being a worm because he has so much homework and can’t chew gum or have a dog, although he likes the fact that he doesn’t have to bathe. The worm finds it hard to be so small and forgettable, but his mom reminds him that the earth never forgets his existence.

A Wrinkle in TimeA Wrinkle in Time
The story features 13-year-old Meg Murry and her family: Her scientist parents, athletic 10-year-old twin brothers, Sandy and Dennys, as well as  her five-year-old brother Charles Wallace Murry, a genius who can sometimes read Meg’s mind.

One morning, Meg finds out that the term “There is such a thing as a tesseract” refers to a scientific concept her father was working on before his mysterious disappearance. Then Meg, Charles and Meg’s friend Calvin O’Keefe travel to a dark planet called Camazotz where Meg’s father is trapped. The three children plan to rescue Meg’s dad from the evil forces on Camazotz…

Matlida is a smart girl but is often ill-treated by her parents. In return, she play pranks on her father like gluing his hat to his head. Life with her parents is bearable only because Matilda teaches herself to read and constantly go to public libraries.

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