A letter from Brighter Children

A letter from Brighter Children

Dear Readers and Donors,

On behalf of Brighter Children’s beneficiaries, volunteers and board members, thank you for your support.

With a mission of supporting children’s education in the developing world, we have helped over 300 students to date across Kenya, India and Colombia. This year we are partnering with two additional schools — one in Nepal and the other in Honduras — in order to aid education.

We could not have achieved this much without the help of volunteers. Over the past seven months we are thrilled that more people have joined the Brighter Children family across different functionalities, including:

  • Yuyu Chen, Communications, Marketing
  • Allie Negron, Social Media, Marketing
  • Richard Peyser, Benefit and Fundraising
  • Grace Kim, Benefit and Fundraising


“Grow” is our mantra. Aside from volunteers, we are looking to hire 6-8 full-time board members to help Brighter Children expand. “Building a governing board is a big goal for us in 2016,” said Kunal Doshi, founder and president of Brighter Children. “We want to raise more money to help more schools in impoverished countries, but most importantly, we want to make a greater impact in society.”

Last year we hosted our first Benefit Dinner to spread the word of our mission and it was a huge success. This year our second annual fundraising dinner will take place at the Astor Center on Thursday, October 13. We will keep you posted on the event details. Stay tuned!

And if you share the same mission of Brighter Children, please consider donating here today.

Best regards,
The Brighter Children Team

Yuyu Chen
[email protected]