Join the Brighter Children Annual Benefit 2016

Join the Brighter Children Annual Benefit 2016

Brighter Children hosted its first annual benefit dinner in New York City last year, where we raised more than $15,000 from around 150 attendees. With those donations, Brighter Children was able to provide education for more than 300 students to date across Kenya, India and Colombia. Continuing the success, Brighter Children is cordially inviting you to join our second annual benefit dinner in New York City at 7 pm on October 13.

There are more than 124 million children and adolescents in the world out of school, and the number is rising, according to UNESCO. There are many barriers that children in under-developed countries face in accessing education, including poverty, gender disparity, disabilities, long commutes, and war zones. Brighter Children aims to ensure that every child has access to a quality education, but we cannot achieve the goal without your support.

Please join us at our second annual benefit dinner at Astor Center and listen to the stories of our schools, teachers and students over cocktails. All proceeds will fund the future education of children in developing countries. You can show your support by purchasing tickets here.


Should you be interested to check out Brighter Children’s first annual benefit dinner, you can visit our Facebook Event or read this blog post. Spread the word on social with the hashtag #brighterchildren.

Yuyu Chen
[email protected]