Meet Brighter Children’s Youngest Donor

Meet Brighter Children’s Youngest Donor

BC Youngest Donor

 Lemonade for a good cause

It is often said an individual has the power to change the world. In our case, a young child has this power too. Meet Rohen Vargo, our youngest donor, who at age 8 raised $50 for our cause!

Rohen, who lives in California, had the opportunity to visit one of our partner schools, Akanksha. When we interviewed him, he said he wanted other children like him to learn and go to school. It made him feel good and happy to make a difference in another child’s life. Rohen set up a lemonade stand at a clubhouse to help the cause of enabling other children to go to school, and donated the proceeds to Brighter Children. We are very grateful that he chose to make this valuable contribution to our cause.

What’s next? Rohen says he would like to continue similar initiatives, and for the winter maybe host a hot chocolate stand to fundraise. He said he would like to help us send more children to school.

Rohen likes to play tennis, play the piano and enjoys reading books about magic and dragons.

His example shows us how young children can make an impact and become compassionate leaders of the world. If he can do it, I am sure every one of us who can read this can make some kind of impact in our own way too.

Prerna Talreja
[email protected]