What is your long-term vision?

Universal primary education by 2030.

What makes you different from other nonprofits?

Three components of our platform make us different:
1) 100% Transparency: Every dollar donated is accounted for and used to fund our students. Funds to support our operating costs are raised separately.

2) Local Partners: We work with teachers and staff members who are local experts to provide quality education. Learn more.

3) Monitor Impact: We collect data on our students’ progress to ensure their ongoing success.

What is the impact you have created so far?

In 2015 we supported the education of 150+ students in India, Colombia and Kenya. Learn more about our impact.

What happens to my donation?

100% of your donation is used to facilitate the sponsored child’s education. Depending on the school and location, the cost to educate a child can vary between $350 and $500 annually.

Your donation is used to fund costs including school uniform, textbooks, transportation, school meals, basic healthcare and more. Funds to cover costs associated with our overhead expenses are raised separately.

We take transparency seriously, and we publish all financial data on our Transparency Document to prove that your donation goes exactly where it is supposed to. Donations to cover our administrative costs are sought independently.

How can I learn more about your partner schools?

We carefully choose our partners. Learn more about our partner schools and how we select schools.

Why not donate to these schools directly?

While you could donate a school directly, we provide these benefits:

  • We carefully select each school through our screening process
  • We make sure our schools are accountable for how they use funds from our donors
  • We provide you with regular updates on the children you’re supporting


Brighter Children does not get a fee or commission. We are a 100% pass-through platform.

How can I learn more about a child I want to sponsor?

Take a look at our student profiles to learn about children who need sponsorship. If you want to connect with the child you choose to sponsor, contact us to learn about options.

Does my donation have tax benefits?

Brighter Children is a certified 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax-deductible expenses, which means they can lower your taxable income and your tax bill. You need to itemize the deductions (instead of taking the standard deduction) in order to receive the benefits.

Our tax EIN is 46-2334621.

For individuals, in order to itemize your deductions, fill out form 1040, Schedule A. You will have to keep records of your donations to Brighter Children, the date of the donation, and how much you donated. Cancelled checks and bank statements will work. You will also receive a letter from us documenting your donation if it is $250 or more (please request it from us). You do not need to send in these records with your tax return. Rather, they are needed in the event of a tax audit.

Individuals’ total tax-deductible contributions for the year are limited to 50% of adjusted gross income. Any excess contributions may be carried forward for 5 years.

If this is the first time you are filling out this form, read the detailed Instructions for Form 1040, Schedule A.

These are general instructions and are not meant to replace the need for a tax professional. Please consult your tax professionals for your specific needs.

What about my privacy?

We respect your confidentiality. Under no circumstances will donor information be released to any third party without explicit permission. However, we do third party tools for managing our data and communications with you.

Have a question?

We would love to hear form you. Send us a message on our Contact Us page.